Wednesday, 5 July 2017

CURRICULUM KARAOKE™ ~ Integrating Classroom Learning Through Song

 'Your students can learn the arts as well as learn through the arts.' ~ Andrew Miller, Educator
Kathryn and I are very excited to bring you our latest, innovative classroom teaching resource line ~ CURRICULUM KARAOKE™!

When I mentioned this concept to a few teacher friends a while back, their amused response was, 'Do you mean to tell us we're going to be singing the curriculum?!'. 

Well, singing curriculum content, yes, that's exactly what I meant to tell them! That is to say, this highly motivational, interactive resource, with its illustrated, read, sing & learn along video format supports, enhances and integrates classroom learning across key subject areasthrough song.

Our downloadable curriculum-aligned songs extend literacy and add another dimension to the way our students learn curriculum content, themes and concepts ~ all at the touch of a button!  

Not musical ~ NO worries!
  • Just download the MP4 file and play on your classroom whiteboard or computer!
  • Students read/sing & learn along as the song plays and the lyrics display on the screen.
  • No need to print out lyrics or create a powerpoint - the Mp4 does it all for you, making it easy for the whole class or school to follow the lyrics on any screen and read/sing along together.

‘Because when kids are learning through the arts, they end up getting a deeper understanding and the concepts end up sticking much better…’ ~ Elizabeth Peterson 
Music is a very powerful and effective medium for helping young people to connect with learning content ~ it's a language they understand. It makes perfect sense to utilise song as a learning tool in our classrooms. 

Singer-songwriter, Bruce Springsteen illustrates perfectly the powerful effect of music on memory, in a line from one of his songs, 'Surrender': 

  • Comprises curriculum-aligned songs that target outcomes & learning sequences of curriculum documents. There's 'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®
  • Supports, enhances  and integrates classroom learning across key subject areas
  • Plays on your classroom whiteboard and other devices to help students learn curriculum-aligned content, themes and concepts
  • Extends literacy ~ reading(students read / sing along with the lyrics, as if they are reading a book), comprehension, grammar, punctuation, poetry text type study...
  • Energizes classroom discussions
  • Enables students to take a more active role in their learning and have a better understanding and memory of content
  • Aids recall
  • Reinforces learning content
  • Hones listening skills
  • Contributes to a positive learning environment
  • Creates and promotes unity
  • Makes learning fun... 

Here's a preview sample of 'Four Seasons' (Grades Pre K-3):

Here's a preview sample of 'Busy Bodies' (Grades 3-7)

  • Students take turns reading the text, while the rest of the class follows the rhythm ~ brains and bodies work together to garner meaning.
  • Pause the power point at any time to choose new readers, clarify meaning, make a point, question the class on a line of text for comprehension, define key words, etc.
  • Students sing along with the vocal track (this aids accurate singing of melody and lyrics)
  • Divide the class into groups for chorus, verses, etc.
  • Create a cloze passage to assess comprehension of content
  • Perform as a class item for school assemblies
  • Project lyrics onto screen for whole school participation!  
CURRICULUM KARAOKE™ is a growing line of MP4 song & lyrics videos, including:






                                                    ‘Our Class Rules!’


                                                   'Busy Bodies'

                                                          'Our Solar System'

                                                          'Summer Sunday'
Sample Slides:

CURRICULUM KARAOKE™ song videos have been added since this blog post was written! 

Until next time!
Yours, in singing to learn,
Nuala ♫ 

         Nuala O'Hanlon
         Teacher; Lyricist; Director,
         'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®

         A Review: 
‘In terms of application to the classroom, and usability by teachers they rate a tick in every box.’ ~ Brendan Hitchens, teacher: Music In Action, A Magazine for Educators
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